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Motivating your Auto Techs January 23, 2008

Posted by ratemyrepairshop in Auto Shop Internal Process, Car shops.
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This question goes out to all Service Managers.  Recently I wrote a post about paying attention to detail and how it benefits the tech in the end.  Dwayne from Carriage Works made a good point, motivation plays a factor in making sure your techs are doing a good job. 

I worked at a shop that paid spiffs to the lube rack guys.  If they found a deep crack in a belt, leaking rear main seal, howling belt tensioner, etc., they were paid the spiff when the customer did the repair.  The ONLY reason I believe this worked in our shop was because our techs had been there for years, and they had proven their honesty.  Any new tech needs to realize that every repair he/she does will be rechecked or they will have to show you.  We still had to get the senior tech doing the repair to reinspect the faults before they went forward.  The program did make the lube guys work harder and inspect the vehicles more thoroughly. 

 I know an auto tech is suppose to do a thorough inspection on each oil change, but I don’t think it hurts to add extra motivation or incentive.

What motivation or incentive do you use? 



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