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Sympathy for the Car Customer March 3, 2008

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I think it’s hard for a Service Advisor or manager to always act with sympathy.  When you see 30 customers or more per day you start to lose your care for each person’s car problem.  People want you to not only care but, to realize that it has disrupted their day.  We as car people start to see cars as all the same. 

Whenever you start to lose your care for each individual customer remember that it is more then just a “Car Problem.”  Here is what the customer thinks about.  1. How much is this going to cost? 2. What is the problem? 3. When can the shop look at it?  4. How am I going to get it to the shop?  5. How am I going to get around? The list goes on.

Put yourself in a customer’s position who has just purchased a new car.  It is incredibly frustrating when you purchase a new vehicle so that you don’t have to worry about it breaking down and then something breaks on it.


Motivating your Auto Techs January 23, 2008

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This question goes out to all Service Managers.  Recently I wrote a post about paying attention to detail and how it benefits the tech in the end.  Dwayne from Carriage Works made a good point, motivation plays a factor in making sure your techs are doing a good job. 

I worked at a shop that paid spiffs to the lube rack guys.  If they found a deep crack in a belt, leaking rear main seal, howling belt tensioner, etc., they were paid the spiff when the customer did the repair.  The ONLY reason I believe this worked in our shop was because our techs had been there for years, and they had proven their honesty.  Any new tech needs to realize that every repair he/she does will be rechecked or they will have to show you.  We still had to get the senior tech doing the repair to reinspect the faults before they went forward.  The program did make the lube guys work harder and inspect the vehicles more thoroughly. 

 I know an auto tech is suppose to do a thorough inspection on each oil change, but I don’t think it hurts to add extra motivation or incentive.

What motivation or incentive do you use? 

The Best time to drop your car off at an Auto Repair Shop November 20, 2007

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If you are wondering why your auto shop asks you to bring your car in early and then not work on it until later in the day, I’ve got an answer for you.  This is because auto shops book their schedule according to the time you show up.  If a shop has 60 appointments for the entire day most of them will show up between the opening hour – say 7:30am to  about 9:00am.  If you show up after those peak hours your car is going to sit until the others are done.

Some auto shops will allow you to book your oil changes as waiting appointments.  This means of course that you have to be prepared to wait at the shop until it is finished.  Be prepared to wait for up to 1 hour.