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A Difficult Problem to Diagnose November 21, 2007

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Squeaks and rattles are considered to be one of the most difficult problems for Auto Technicians to find.  Imagine your friend telling you to take their car for a drive and listen for a squeak between 30-50 only when you start out from a stop, the engine has to be warm but not hot, etc., etc.  This is what Auto Technicians go through everyday and many times the noises don’t even show up on their tests.

The best thing to do when you take your vehicle into the repair shop is to get the Service Advisor or Shop Foreman to go with you and hear the squeak.  Often the technician will just take it for one test drive but, if you show someone they are more likely to test drive it until they find it.


Make Sure You are Not Caught off Guard by the Bill November 15, 2007

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Make sure the Service Advisor understands that you want to be consulted before any repairs are done. Most professional shops will call you but, it is good to be absolutely sure.

When you are getting a problem diagnosed you can request that the Service Advisor report to you after a certain time interval. Eg. When I get an electical problem diagnosed I make sure they check in with me every hour to see their progress. This is so that I don’t end up with a massive diagnose charge before the problem is even repaired.

Dealing Effectively with a Poor Service Experience November 15, 2007

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Ever hear the saying,”You can catch more Flies with Honey?” This is exaclty how you should react if you had your vehicle at a repair shop and it was not repaired properly. You need to make sure your integrity stays intack.

When I worked as a Service Advisor I would see people get angry and rude as soon as something didn’t go right. But this just caused me to ignore them. If someone would swear it gave me the grounds to gain control. I would simply say, “if you swear at me again your going to be out of this shop and not coming back.” The customer causing a scene does not know what to do after that and now they are not getting the results they expected.

On the other hand if you describe the problem to the Service Advisor in a strong but dignified manner you will get excellent results. They will understand that you are not overreacting and you will have better results. Even if the Service Advisor continues to ignore you then go to the next level. The levels of heirarchy are Service Advisor, Service Manager, General Manager, Owner. Again even if for some strange reason none of these people will listen to you(which is unlikely if you are calm) then you can approach legal advice.

I have seen people loose control and shout at the shop owner. This resulted in the customer being fired from the shop and not allowed to return.

Do Not Take That Approach

Are you worried the Auto Shop work is not Legit? November 15, 2007

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Ask for the original parts back after.

Yes theoretically the auto shop could give you parts from a car they repaired 3 weeks ago. But when you ask to keep your old parts they know that if they give you false ones they could encounter legal issues in the future.

The mechanic is the one who will be online for it in the end. If they are informed that they have to give you the parts back they will be extra cautious of their work.

In any case I personally do not know any shops who replace parts that are not defective. However if you are concerned about the repairs you are getting done at a shop then make sure to ask for the old ones back.