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The Difference between Great and Terrible Auto Techs January 15, 2008

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I have seen the full spectrum of auto technicians. The techs that didn’t last were the ones that didn’t put any care into their work. You could tell right away that they had already decided being a car tech was not the right choice for them.  But, I had the priviledge of working with a technician that made it to the world finals for the manufacturer he worked for.  He ended up placing 2nd in Japan.  What set him apart?

The personality trait that I believe helped him achieve this was his methodical approach and attention to detail.  No matter how difficult or easy the issue was, he approached everything with the same care.  In auto repair you can’t miss a single detail.  If you think the tire vibration is just a balance problem and don’t take the time to drive the car once you are finished then, you are going to have a comeback.   You can’t assume anything.  Once a repair has been completed make sure you are 100% correct. 

In the end it is the auto tech who pays attention to detail that ends up with less comebacks and more hours at the end of the month.